• What is Engaged Email?

    Engaged Email will help your business communicate more efficiently and effectively using email. Engaged Email is a managed email solution for businesses.

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A paid email service businesses can trust

Workspace is a combination of tools, including; email, calendar, file storage and a contact manager.

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What is Engaged.Email?

Engaged Email is a managed email solution for businesses.

What are the benefits of Engaged Email?


When a team can easily communicate with each other, productivity increases.

Save Time

Having a team communicate more efficiently, will ultimately save your business time and money.

Responsive Design

Our systems scale perfectly to any computer and mobile device.


Easily jump from one computer to the next and access our platforms from anywhere in the world.


We have multiple layers of security and use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to secure the connection between your web browser and our server.

Google's Infrastructure

Our platforms are running on Google’s hardware and trust us when we say, “Google has one of the most advanced computer networks in the world, with multiple points of redundancy.”

Smart Spam Protection

We use numerous methods to stop spammy emails in their tracks.


We take the stress out of moving from your current email situation to our polished systems.


We supply helpful instructions, from setting up email on your mobile phone to tips on how to improve email productivity.

Blacklist Protection

An email provider can get blacklisted when malicious users send large amounts of spam. If an email service gets blacklisted it can be difficult to undo and the repercussions are that some important emails sent out will not be received by the receipts or the message will go straight to their spam folder. Because we only manage respectable businesses, our network will never be blacklisted.

Email Backup

Our server is backed up daily.

Intuitive Email Interface

Intuitive design is how we give the user new super powers.